The content in this area is being pulled out from DNV GL - Energy's web portal called Project Status Reporting System (PSR)


Please use the log-in provided by your work order manager to enter the system. Be sure to update your email by clicking on your name on upper right hand corner.


For assistance regarding issues related to a provided login or running PSR reports, please contact 


Login using IE: 

Instead of using the direct URL, if you are accessing the PSR through the eestats (California Energy Efficiency Statistics) website, please make sure you perform the following tasks in order to log into the PSR (using IE):

1. Load Internet Exlplorer (IE)

2. Go to Tools

2. Go to Internet Options

3. Go to Privacy

4. Go to Sites

5. Using the text box ‘Address of website’, add the following web site by clicking on Allow and then ‘OK’ when all done.

6. Another ‘OK’ to get out of the final privacy dialog area.

This allows users (using IE) to login into the PSR web portal when it's being viewed from within the eestats website.  This solution also works for users that are unable to login using IE and can't navigate to other pages of the reports on the PSR (for some reason).

Note: The pages on this web portal are best viewed using MS Internet Explorer 6, 8 and 10.