DTE Energy DTE Energy Efficiency Program
List of Measures 

Click on the links below or use the menu options to view the eligible measure in each technology category. Download an application for specifications and program details. If you have an energy-saving project that isn't included on the Prescriptive list, you may qualify for a Custom incentive.


Compact Fluorescent Screw-in Lamps
Reflector Flood Lamps
Compact Fluorescent Fixtures
ENERGY STARĀ® Qualified LED Recessed Down Light
Standard Linear Fluorescent Retrofit (T12 to T8)
T12/T8 U-Bulb Retrofit
High Output (HO) Linear Fluorescents (T12 to T8)
High Performance (HP) and Low Wattage (LW) 4foot
Linear Fluorescents
Interior High-Intensity Discharge (HID) to Fluorescent Fixtures
Garage/Exterior High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Conversion
Exit Signs Retrofit
LED Traffic Signals
Occupancy Sensors
Central Lighting Controls
Switching Controls for Multilevel Lighting
Daylight Sensor Controls
Exterior Lighting Bi-level Control w/Override
Light Tubes (Daylighting)

Food Service (Electric) & Refrigeration
Energy Star Commercial Solid Door Refrigerators
Energy Star Commercial Solid Door Freezers
New or Replacement Steam Cookers
New or Replacement Hot Holding Cabinets
Anti-Sweat Heater Controls
Efficient Refrigeration Condenser
Floating Head Pressure Controls
ECM Motor for Refrigeration Case
Evaporator Fan Motor Controls
LED Refrigerated Case Lighting
Night Covers

Food Service (Gas)
New or Replacement Steam Cookers
New or Replacement Ovens
New or Replacement Fryers/Griddles
Furnace Tube Inserts
Gas Water Heater Pre-Rinse Sprayers

HVAC (Electric)
Unitary and Split Air Conditioning Systems
Air Source Heat Pumps
Water Loop Heat Pumps
Room Air Conditioners
Package Terminal Air Conditioner & Heat Pump
Ground Source Heat Pump
Ground Source Heat Pump - Air Source Base
Air-Cooled Chiller
Water- Cooled Chiller
Programmable Thermostat (Air Conditioning)
Energy Management System
Hotel Guestroom Energy Management System (Air Conditioning)
Chilled Water Reset - Air Cooled
Chilled Water Reset - Water Cooled
Variable Frequency Drive - HVAC Fan/Pump
Cool Roof
High Performance Glazing
Window Film
Setback/Setup Controls

HVAC (Gas)
Steam Traps
Space Heating Boilers
Boiler Modulating Burner Control
Boiler Reset Control
High Efficiency Furnace
Pipe Wrap - Steam Boiler
Infrared Heaters
Chiller Water Reset
Variable Frequency Drive on Secondary Chilled Water Pump
Roof Insulation
Programmable Thermostat
Energy Management Control (Gas Heat)
Demand Controlled Ventilation
Hotel Guestroom Energy Management Control
Setback/Setup Controls

Process Measures (Electric)
High Efficiency Pumps
Variable Frequency Drive on Pumps
Compressed Air Engineered Nozzle
Barrel Wraps for Injection Molders & Extruders
Insulated Pellet Dryer Ducts - 3" diameter

Miscellaneous (Gas)

Water Heat Pipe Wrap - Hot Water Boiler
Gas Water Heater
Gas Tankless Water Heater
High Efficiency Pool Heater (Gas Heat)
Pool Covers
High Efficiency Clothes Washer
Greenhouse Heat Curtain
Greenhouse Infrared film
Truck Loading Dock Seals- New Installation
Truck Loading Dock Leveler Ramp Air Pit Seals
Ozone Laundry System
High Efficiency Process Boiler (Water)
High Efficiency Process Boiler (Steam)
Dry Cleaning Boiler Descale (Kettle-Type)
Dry Cleaning Boiler Descale (Tube-Type)
Boiler Tune Up
Furnace/RTU Tune-up

Misc Electric

Beverage Vending Machine Controllers
Intelligent Surge Protector
Energy Efficient Ice Machines