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Home Energy and Water Use Survey

As a customer of Anaheim Public Utilities you have many advantages. This online service is just one of a series of Advantage Services we have designed to help you save energy, water, and money on your utility bills. The information you provide in this survey, coupled with your actual electric and water use over the past 12 months, will allow us to provide you with information and recommendations that you can use starting today.

Once you complete the survey
You will receive a report containing easy to read graphs and charts of your energy and water use as well as recommendations on ways to conserve with some simple and easy to implement measures. You also will receive specific recommendations about where you may be able to take advantage of one or several of our Advantage Services - services designed to help offset the cost of investing in high efficiency appliances or making efficiency improvements to your home.

The report will provide an estimate of your potential savings based on the data you enter and your past electric and water use patterns. We cannot guarantee the results of any of the recommendations that will be provided. The information you provide in this survey will remain confidential. It will be used to evaluate your energy use and make recommendations for change and will not be provided to third parties.